Welcome to LakeView Feeders!

LakeView Feeders is a management and bonded brokerage company for Swine Producers. We specialize in sourcing contract nursery and finishing hog facilities as well as providing a full range of management and marketing expertise which we have 27 years experience.

LakeView Feeders has a professional team of employees that conducts all necessary procedures to ensure good management of all Pigs. We conduct routine site visits and check all quality control factors that are needed to run an efficient site. These checks include temperature, humidity, air quality, feed, water and also obtain veterinary and medical assistance for your pigs. We will assist you with locating and placing your SEW or Feeder Pigs in a location that is suitable. With different sized nursery and finishing sites available across the state of Iowa, LakeView Feeders can provide you with the space you need.

LakeView Feeders is able to provide a market for your SEW or Feeder Pigs. All sizes of groups are welcome either groups for sale or groups needed. If you are looking for SEW, feeder pigs or have a group to sell give us a call.

Our Goal here at LakeView Feeders is to provide a service of all aspects of the swine business for you the producer.

We offer different Management agreements:

  1. If you need us to manage your pigs.
  2. If you need a barn and want manage the pigs yourself.
  3. If you have your own idea, please feel free to contact us.