About Us

LakeView Feeders took over LakeSide Feeders on April 23, 2012, which was established in 1986.

LakeView Feeders is based out of Lake View Iowa, which is centrally located in Western Iowa. Being two hours Northwest of Des Moines and two hours East of Sioux City puts us in a perfect location for finishing your pigs. With 26 years of experience the LakeView Feeders team helps cover all aspect in Swine Management.

Jim Noethe, President

Is a 1978 Graduate Morningside College. Out of College he worked at the Sioux City Stockyards with Switzer&Co. until 1982. Then he moved on to IBP as a hog buyer from 1982 thru 1984. After IBP Jim was then a feeder pig buyer for Plainview Hog Company for two years. In 1986, Jim along with partners, Jim Von Ahn and Gary Wicker established LakeView Feeders Inc in Lake View, IA.

Jim Von Ahn

Worked for the Secondary Road Department with the Iowa DOT for seven years. Jim then helped start Lakeside Feeders in 1986, and is currently with the company as a field specialist.

Lisa Pudenz Office Manager

Has been active in the Swine Industry for the past 19 years. Prior to joining the Lakeside Feeders team in 2000, Lisa was employed with a local feed store as the Animal Health Purchasing Agent. Her expertise and knowledge is a real asset when is comes to routine vaccinations and heard health concerns. Lisa is LakeView Feeders Office Manager.

Sarah Tjaden

Is LakeView Feeders Office Assistant. Sarah has been with LakeView Feeders since December 2011. She has proven to be a major asset to the company in assisting with numerous daily office procedures. Most generally, Sarah will be the first person you speak with when contacting LakeView Feeders.